Teemu Partanen with Leijona cave – ice-cream entrepreneur’s ash-tale raises emotions to the surface


THE ice cream entrepreneur Teemu Partanen, created by NIKAMA Design, will be on TV tonight. Partanen is in the first episode of the second season of the Lion’s Cave at 4 pm at Nelonen.

The Lion’s Cave is an entertainment program where applicants present their business idea or invention to the venture capitalist. The five investors or lions of the program evaluate each business idea or invention. If the lions saw the potential of their idea, they would begin to negotiate the percentage they wanted to get from the sum requested by the rapporteur. The contract arises if at least one lion invests the amount of money the inventor wants.

Teemu Partanen says the lions, or Miika Toivonen , Saga Forss , Riku Asikainen , Ari Lahti and Kim Väisänen front of the Assumption had been a very exciting experience.

– Yes, in front of the investor cradle, the man was pretty confused. In retrospect, I did not remember the whole discussion just like the final solution, Partanen laughs.

TEEMU Partanen’s company manufactures designer items such as jewelery, crockery, gift items, watches and awards – steel.

During the evening, lions are interested in the company until Miika Toivonen inquires whether the capital is positive or negative.

– At the moment, the company is in the process of renovation, Partanen says.

– When the company was founded in 2009, I had a dream that one was planning and I was doing, selling and taking business, Partanen started.

– I got my own factory, earlier we had just a small jewelery yard. I thought it would start with it, together with the then wife going to do business, but then … It was just my dream. There were personal difficulties. Boilers were shared, all shared. It was a very dark year, during which I was not able to work.

Partanen still remembers for a moment when he decided to continue his business.

– I was at the factory in front of the corner and went to try out how the steel bends. I was mentally prepared to put a flap on the door, but then I was not. The story of Nama is not here. It has not seen the place where it should be, Partanen moved.

IF you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t read here!

LION OF the second season of the cave has already been viewed in full-screen + service. The first episode of the season is the glacier feast: as many as three of the lion decided to go to Nikama Designi.

– After all, the vibe in the bottom mud is unimaginably fine. All five lions believed in me and my business. I have always had a firm belief in my own story. It is really reluctant to know that the potential of Nikama Design has not only been in my own head.

I’d say in my first comments, don’t be crazy, I’m not going to kick myself down on TV.

Partanen tells the story of May’s trip to Nelonen’s studio, which has given a new boost to entrepreneurship:

– I pressed the whole summer and autumn pretty crazy about the job. The work has borne fruit: turnover has grown significantly and is on the plus, Partanen rejoices.

Collaboration with lions is just beginning.

“It feels great that everything is no longer nuts and has to be solved on its own, but there is a competent government behind it, and new business-significant contacts are emerging all the time, Partanen laughs and praises the same breath of his friend who suggested applying for the program and introduced Nikama Design to the production company.”

– I’d say in my first comments, don’t be crazy, I’m not going to kick myself on TV. Fortunately, I finally gave up on persuasion and left. The future looks really bright.


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