Mohan Babu Does It For The First Time For Gayatri

Mohan Babu Does It For The First Time For Gayatri

Nikhila Vimal feels lucky to be playing Mohan Babu’s daughter in ‘Gayatri’

As Nikhila Vimal’s film Gayatri releases this week, she is a bundle of nerves. She plays daughter to Mohan Babu and as a newcomer, she feels she’s quite lucky to have bagged that role. Nikhila made her debut as a child in Malayalam movies and did a few films after high school.

Meda Meeda Abbayi with Naresh didn’t fare well at the box office but she hopes Gayatri might be her big ticket.

She recollects visiting Hyderabad to meet Mohan Babu, accompanied by her sister Akhila and being treated to a ‘nice lunch’. “The day I landed in Hyderabad they were okay with me but I needed to get back and speak to my parents. I felt it was important to speak and understand Telugu. Director Madan taught me the dialogues. Usually an assistant director helps out but in my case the director himself would explain the lines to me, he is a very encouraging man.”

She adds, “I usually do emotional characters, I love to cry, it comes easily to me. I can give that expression out better than any other emotion… laughing and smiling. I am a very emotional, sensitive person in real life and I can relate to such stuff easily.”

About the movie, she doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that she grows up as an orphan and the relationship between a father and daughter goes to a next level when a fracas and a misunderstanding between them is cleared. Shriya and Vishnu play her mother and father repectively in a flashback portion.

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She avers, “I like acting and like getting attention only for my performance. My sister is doing Phd in Theatre and Performance Studies and we often have arguments. I keep telling her that her job as a professor is far easier than what I do practically. I keep telling her talking theory is easy and she can return home by evening but an actor has no timings, they have to work under difficult temperatures and travel a lot, learn various languages.”

Nikhila has heard so much about Mohan Babu and that he is a terror to others on the sets. She laughs, “Actually he is very good to people and talks nicely. When I went to his house he was so nice. He played some of his movie songs and showed it to me. I have huge respect for him. I cook very well and made his favourite chicken stew and some Kerala dishes at his house in Tirupati,” she smiles.

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