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How To Start A Blog ?

How To Start A Blog ?


Today I will tell you how to start a blog. Starting blog is very easy in 2018.

And today you do not need to coding to start a blog if you do not have the skills like HTML, CSS, JS, you can start your blog even if it is as easy as creating a document in an MS Word.

I will share all the things you use with images so that you can understand it well.

Here, I’ll start with those questions from people who ask me before starting the blog


1. How long does blogging take?


How To Start A Blog ?

Here’s what Steps I’m telling you to take, it will take about 20 minutes to start your own blog.

Although Choosing Domain Name and Theme can take some time for you, but if you have thought of the name of your blog then this process will take very little time.

If we talk about writing Daily Content, it will take as long as you are serious about your blog and your Creativity Skill.


2. Is blogging free?

How To Start A Blog ?

Yes, starting blogging is absolutely free

However, you have to spend Rs. 500-600 for getting your domain, which nowadays everyone can do comfortably.

You can buy domain names by clicking Buy Domain Name on this link.


3. Can I use blog to earn money?

How To Start A Blog ?

Yes, nowadays successful bloggers are earning 1 to 15 lakh rupees per month.

You can earn money using Google Ad-sense, however, you can earn by using Earning Affiliate Marketing even more.


Now we will talk about how to create a blog


Choice of Blogging Platform

How To Start A Blog ?

To start the blog we have lots of platforms that we can use two of the famous platforms are Blogger, WordPress and both are excellent .

I’ll recommend you to start your first blog blogger .

But if you want to make blogs your earning mode in the long term, then I will recommend you WordPress.

This is the reason behind recommending you WordPress


1. WordPress is free (you only have to buy domain names and hosting).

2. More than 5000 Free Designs are available. You can design your own blog accordingly.

3. WordPress has its own support forum.

4. More than 45000 plugins are available on WordPress that will help you to run your blog.


Choosing Domain Name (

Before we go ahead we now have to choose a domain name which we want to create our website address.

1. This is your first impression for Reader
2. This affects ranking in your search engine
3. It tells your brand

While booking the domain name, we must keep these points in mind

1. Selection of brand name – The domain name was your brand name so you chose your brand in mind
2. Small name – While booking a domain, we have to keep in mind that it is not too big
3. Easy to say and remember – we should choose the name that is easy to remember.


How to create blogs on Blogger ?

How To Start A Blog ?


1. Create your first account on Blogger – You can create an account on Blogger by clicking on this link on Blogger Signup. After creating an account, look at the left side of the website, Create A New Blog, which you will have to click on.

2. The screen will appear in front of you as soon as you click on Create A New Blog.

How To Start A Blog ?

You enter your blog title in it and enter your domain name in the address. And do not have to write .com. After that click on Create Blog.


3. Now you can post by clicking New Post.

4. Now you can click on the Settings tab in the left menu and then click Add Custom URL and enter your domain name.

5. Save as you would like to have some details in front of you, enter those details by going to the DNS Management section of your domain name and then save your blog to your own Domain Name. Now you can write on your blog And share your information with the people.


How to create blog on WordPress ?


How To Start A Blog ?


To create a blog on WordPress, you will need hosting and domain. You can purchase hosting and domains from here. After opening this link, you have to buy a hosting starter combo pack.

How To Start A Blog ?


I am recommending you this package so that you can get a free domain name here and at the same time, the space available here is unlimited, that is how much data and files you can keep on your website. Here you get very fast lightning speed which is necessary to rank your website in the search engine.

How To Start A Blog ?


You have to type your domain name in the search box that you want to create your blog. Then a list will appear in front of you and the .com domain has to be selected from it. After this you will get this screen.

How To Start A Blog ?

Here you have to click on pay and then after clicking asep you have to click on Create Account and then your hosting and domain will become Purchase.


Installing WordPress in just one click

1. Here you log in using your email ID and password.

2. Then you go to the Products menu and click on the List All Orders, there will be your domain name in front of you, then you have to click on it. This screen will appear in front of you after clicking on the domain name.

How To Start A Blog ?

3. You can now click Manage Web hosting.

How To Start A Blog ?

4. Now you have to click on Softaculous Apps Installer and then click on WordPress next screen which will come and then you will have to click on Install Now Button as soon as you click on Install Now this screen will appear in front of you.


How To Start A Blog ?

5. You have to fill all the information related to your blog here and then click Install and your blog is created.

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To manage the blog, open your website address / wp-admin URL, like I open to log in to blog


Choosing and Customizing Design for Blogs

How To Start A Blog ?

After logging in to your blog, this Dashboard will open. From here you can manage the blog, here are the options in the pay left side which I mean to you.

Dashboard – This screen shows you after logging in
Posts – Here you can edit publishing and old posts on new posts.
Media – this is your library where you store media files on the files
Pages – Here you can create new pages and edit old page
Comments – Here you can manage comments
Appearance – Here you choose what your blog looks like

Plugins – Here you can add and remove plugins, they add extra Functionality to your blog
Users – Here you can see registered users on your website
Tools – Here you find some extra tools which will help you publish the post.
Settings – From here you can manage your blog’s settings


Free Theme for Blogs

You can choose the free theme yourself, you have to go to the Appearance section and click on the theme and then Add New. Thousands of designs will come in front of you like you like, select the one you like. Please note these points while booking the theme.

  • Simplicity – Your theme should be simple so that a professional look meets the visitor as well as Google likes simple themes, that means your ranking will also be good if you choose to have a simple theme.
  • Responsiveness – While watching themes, be sure that the theme is responsive, due to this it will be very easy for mobile users to read your blog.
  • SEO, Security, Customization, Speed ​​- Checking all these things while choosing the theme, all these features help you get good ranking in your search engine in search engines as well as your security and editing.


Posting new

After logging in to your admin panel, click on Posts and then on Add New, the screen will appear in front of you.

How To Start A Blog ?

  • Title Area – This is your title area, here you write the title of your post on the topic you are about to post.
  • Content – This is your content area, here you write your entire content
  • Standard Editing Tools – You can edit content using all these tools
  • Publishing Tools – From here you can publish or save your content
  • Additional Tools – You can make your posts even better by using these.

After you write the content, click the Publish button. Congratulations you have posted your first post. You can see this post by visiting your website.


How do you like this post? Let us know in the comment box if there is a problem while creating a blog, then you can ask us by comment. Share this blog post so that everyone can learn to start their blog and share the talent hidden in the world with them.




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