Grooming Habits Of A Successful Men

15 grooming habits of successful men

Here are the some Grooming Habits for you which you can use in your daily activity.


15 grooming habits of successful men


1. Trim the nose hairs

This is something very basic that makes a world of difference. Believe me when I tell you this is something that people do notice.


2. Trim the eyebrows.

I actually even recommend getting them professionally cleaned (not shaped) to open up the eyes. Remember to brush them up before you leave for the day as this opens up the eye, keeping the face more alert.


3. Clean the hair off your ears and neck.


This is something your barber can do for you monthly that gives the appearance of good grooming.

1. The sight of long ear hairs

2. Neck hair


4. Brush and floss your teeth daily

I’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter if your teeth are not perfectly straight and white, but please keep them clean.


5. Get a proper shaver


Grooming routine chained him to the washbasin but today’s time-poor bloke needs to think on his feet and on the go. And since surveys repeatedly show that most women prefer clean-shaven men, its worth keeping a few grooming essentials – including a top-notch shaver.


6. Scrub your face


They sound decadent, they use pseudo-science (“microbeads” anyone?) but face scrubs are just textured face washes designed to get the dead skin off your face (particularly the nose, the most exposed part of your face).


Use one on a Monday morning to scrub the weekend off your face, and every other day of the week go for a plain face wash that’s less abrasive. You’ll be looking better than you feel in no time.


7. Cleanse your face on a regular basis with a facial soap


I have so many male friends who use the same soap on their body that they use on their face. Most body soaps are too strong for the face. You must invest in a cleanser that is just for the face as the facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the body.


8. Keep your nails short and clean


Dirty, long fingernails require no explanation as to why they don’t work. If your budget or schedule permits, try a monthly manicure/pedicure to have someone take care of this for you. I also recommend buffing your nails as a way to keep the healthy shine without looking artificial.


9. Have your clothes tailored to fit your body


This is a big one, as no matter what your shape is, the right fit makes everything look so much better.


10. Stand up straight


Mom always told us that posture was important, and she was right. You create a sense of confidence and pride when standing tall, showing everyone you are secure in the man you are.


11. Remember, less is more when it comes to fragrance


It’s all right to smell good, but everyone doesn’t have to smell it. Fragrance is such a personal preference, and you really must find the one that works best for you. Just remember not to bathe in it.


12. Match your belt to your shoes


This one is really simple and makes a world of difference. This basic tip makes everything you wear look that much better.


13. Wear sunscreen



It may feel great, but exposure to the sun is the main cause of premature ageing (not forgetting the skin cancer risks). Invest in a moisturiser with a decent sun protection factor.


14. Steer clear of comb-overs



Around half of us will have noticeable bald spots by the time we hit 50 and if you’re already showing some scalp, the only dignified thing to do is go for the chop. A shorter style is always more flattering and will actually make hair look denser, especially if you style with a matte clay to add texture.


15.Don’t go too long between hair cuts



short hair every 3 -4 weeks / medium every 4 – 6 weeks.

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