15 Men Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

15 Men Hair Styling Tips You Should Know


There are three types of guys out there in terms of how effective they are styling their hair.

1. You have the majority with average, bland hairstyles that make no sort of impression and are ultimately forgettable. You wouldn’t necessarily notice them or their hair because there’s nothing worth noticing.

2. Then you have the guys with flat out terrible cuts. Usually they sport very long, unkempt and/or greasy hair. These guys either don’t care about their appearance or don’t realize the kind of negative impression they’re giving off.

3. Finally, we have the minority of some peoples,  who actually know how to take care of hair and properly style their hair to their advantage.



For a beginner, this is a daunting task because you probably don’t know where to begin. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some helpful hair styling tips for men and common mistakes to look out for. Use them to your advantage.


15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

15 Men’s Hair Styling Tips You Should Know


1. Over-wash is a big no-no:

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

A common mistake committed by every man is that washing hair quite often. Limit washing to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair. This would ensure the hair health and avoid losing out on essential oil from scalp.


2. Be gentle while drying

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Drying your hair wrong is one of the biggest causes of damage to men’s hair. When hair is wet, it is highly susceptible to damage. When the hair is rubbed with a towel, some of the hairs become tangled in the threads of the towel and become stretched to the breaking point, causing damage to the cuticle (the shingle-like outer layer of the hair), frizziness, and split ends.

To properly towel dry, shake out the excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows, rather than rubbing the hair with the towel. Drying takes a bit longer this way but after a few haircuts, you’ll notice the difference in the way your hair looks. Blow drying is also a common cause of damage to the hair. Excessive ​blow drying can dry out the hair and scalp. If you must use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray or detangler to coat the hair and protect it from damage, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling, and always leave the hair slightly damp. This will prevent over drying the hair.


3. Get rid of that comb-over!

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Your hair might be thinning. Get a haircut that suits the thinning look. Do not, under any circumstances, do a comb-over please. Women run from that


4. Condition your hair with eggs

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

If it’s good enough for the girls, then it’s good enough for the guys! Eggs are full of hair nourishing protein, so massage some eggs into your hair, and then wash out, and it will leave your hair shiny and healthy looking.


5. Protect your hair when you go swimming

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

The chlorine in swimming pools can play havoc with your hair. It chemically bonds with the proteins and causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The easiest way to protect your hair against the effects of chlorine is to wet it thoroughly with clean water, and apply a little conditioner, before you dive in or wear a swimming cap.


6. Match Your Shampoo to Your Hair Type

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Formulating different shampoos for different types of hair isn’t just a marketing ploy. These products contain specific ingredients to remedy problems like dryness and excess oil in hair.

Shampoos for dry hair contain fats or oils, humectants (water-drawing ingredients like glycerin or glycerol), and panthenol, a form of vitamin B5. Clarifying shampoos treat oily hair with degreasers, including tea tree oil, rosemary and chamomile. Brittle hair that frizzes and splits easily might benefit from proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and wheat and silk proteins.

When comparing brands of shampoo, don’t judge by price alone. The most expensive products and the cheapest sometimes contain the same active ingredients. Find the one that works best for you.


7.  Use less products on your hair

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Using too much of hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or any other hair product makes your hair look unnatural and heavy. Use minimalistic amount of these products when it comes to styling your hair the right way.


8. You don’t need to wash and repeat

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Don’t be fooled by the marketing, if you wash your hair regularly, then you don’t need to it twice every time. Wash, rinse and repeat, is just a way to make you use more shampoo.


9. Don’t overdo the heat

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Another one of good hair care tips for men is to avoid overdoing it with the heat.


10. Trim it

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

To keep your hair neat and well-kept, get a haircut every 4-6weeks. Try and get a morning appointment. The hairdresser will be less busy and not fatigued.


11. Take a cold shower

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Cold showers actually blocks the blood capillaries in scalp. These blood capillaries carry essential nutrients and need to be active for optimum effect and suddenly constricting them would be disastrous for your hair health. But this doesn’t mean you shower your hair under piping hot water. It will completely mess up your hair by pulling out all the natural oils from scalp. Ideally try and rinse your hair with lukewarm water.


12. Use the right tools

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Hair is delicate and you must ensure you use the right tools. Also, don’t brush wet hair; use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead.


13. Avoid Tight Hats

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

A tight hat can cause “traction alopecia,” a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. If worn long enough, the damage can become permanent. A tight hat or ponytail can also cause damage to the cuticle and breakage.


14. Stay natural

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

Keep coloring, perming, straightening, etc. to a minimum as getting chemical treatments repeatedly can damage your hair beyond repair.


15. Stay Healthy

15 Men's Hair Styling Tips You Should Know

The condition of your hair is often a reflection of the overall health of your body:

1. Eat well

2. exercise

3. drink plenty of water

4. get enough sleep

5. reduce stress in your life

Doing so will result in a healthier scalp and great looking hair. Living well and staying healthy will also increase the rate of hair growth.





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